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To players outside of the US - will you return to Full Tilt Poker when and if it reopens in early ? What are the top three online poker rooms in Canada? Where should Canadian players play online poker? According to ESPN. Is this true?

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We'll soon find out. By my count, three of my predictions were horribly, horribly wrong, especially my prediction for the year's most profitable cash game player. Freddy Deeb just may be one of the most underrated poker players in the world, despite posting very impressive results over the course of his career. And if so - when? How could High Stakes Poker be improved going forward?

Nolan Dalla - Writings

Less amateur players? More pros? Higher stakes? Bodoglife has both players listed at to win. Did she cross the line? How who catch him first? Negreanu, Ivey, Hellmuth or someone else? Hellmuth is certainly a volatile individual. Prior to their victories, they were widely reg Over the past few years, there has been a mad dash on the part of the online poker rooms to sign as many of the well-known "live" and online poker players as possible to sponsorship deals.

Full Tilt P To be honest, there is just not a lot going on right now, and finding topics to write about over the past few weeks has proven to be a bit The World Poker Tour would use their broadcasts to direct players towards their own branded online poker room. You couldn't a Maybe Not A few days ago, we wrote an article on our other poker site, Poker-King.

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Partygaming recently released their Annual Report, They all prove the theory that the real money in poker is made a When Chiu and Gus Hansen got heads-up, Hansen had a massive 22 million to 4. They look at the popularity of poker especially in the United States and figure that the theaters will b Here's Some Free Advice Every semi-serious poker player has thought about it at one time or another. Let's say that you are grinding it out while finishing up your degree. You do pretty well on The minimum age to play poker on sites such as Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars is eighteen years old.

You can not even open a play account if you are under the age of You can log in at almost a Those in favor of only holding the WCOOP once per year will tell you that this upholds the prestige of the event. They will tell y This is a pretty common scenario right now. You have a young poker player, say 21 years old, who makes his living playing poker online. This player dropped out of school at the age of 19 to play po I recently had my first chance to play on a Pokertek-made "Pokerpro" electronic poker table. Basically the "Pokerpro" is an electronic poker table which eliminates the need for a human dealer.

He is current He seemingly came out of nowhere to play some of the best limit hold'em players in the world at nosebleed stakes. He battled the l I went over to Ca Party Poker and others pulled out of the US marketplace, e-walle One of the questions that I see posted online quite a bit is: how much money does Pokerstars make in a day?

Or, how much money do they make over the course of an entire year? Since Pokerstars is a His blo This has turned into a bit of a hot topic over the past couple of days. For the uninitiated, Josh "JJProdigy" Field was banned from almost all of the major sites in early after being found gui I have often wondered why Full Tilt Poker seems to allow people to say and post whatever they want on the rail, with no consequences.

Sure you have your legitimate people watching and posting from the We have launched multiple pok Or do you not care? Do you think that buying in with a small stack is a legitimate strategy, or do you jus If you view some of his more infamous Youtube clips, you would probably leave with the opinion that he is the world's biggest idiot.

He berates opponents, insul Or in some cases, they have full-time jobs, and choose to play at nights and especially on the we I have spoken with a number of people over the past few days about this topic. All of the people that I talked to used to have money in their Absolute Poker accounts, but withdrew it all after the sca Go out and celebrate with your friends at the local bar? Go car shopping? Log off of Full Tilt Po Chew on these for a few minutes.. And a die presents a lot more interesting prop bets than a two-sided coin.

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You can bet high vs. Die bets work particularly well when playing Binglaha read number 4 for the rules of that great game. Sports bets especially prop bets on Tim Tebow If you're playing poker in a casino in Nevada, chances are pretty good that the sportsbook isn't too far away, so it's pretty easy to plunk down a few bucks on a game that you'll be able to watch on one of the big screens.

But even if you're playing in a home game, you can usually find someone who thinks you're crazy when you say that the Colts are going to cover. Need evidence? Listen to the last episode of The Casino City Gang. Out of 16 NFL games, we usually have a consensus on three or four games, and there are only three of us. It would be pretty rare to find everyone backing the same side with six or more people present. While straight-up bets against the spread can be fun, ridiculous prop bets can be even more fun.

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A few weeks ago, when the Jets and Broncos were playing in the Thursday-night game on the NFL Network, a few guys in my home game started making wagers on the number of passing yards Tim Tebow would have. The guy who took the over jumped for joy when Tebow completed a yard pass on Denver's first offensive play.

Poker Ranges Explained

He still ended up losing the bet, by the way. And, because they were betting against each other, they didn't have to pay the juice. Catch a wave Jas, a regular in our home game, makes sure we play catch a wave at the end of the cash game almost every week.

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  8. Catch a wave is a simple game; players start with a fresh deck of cards, turn over the top card and must guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. If you guess correctly, you guess again. You continue your run until you guess wrong. At that point, your "wave" ends and you count all the cards that have been revealed the shortest possible "wave" is two. Whoever has the longest run wins the dough. You can play that ties win, lose or are removed from the deck and another card is revealed, but I prefer to play that ties lose, unless you call tie instead of higher or lower , in which case you automatically win, no matter how long your wave is.

    There aren't many times when it would make sense to call tie, but if someone has posted a wave of more than 10 cards and you're two cards in and looking at an eight, it might be worth a shot. Darts This is one of the few side bets on my list that has any actual skill involved, but if the man cave you're playing in has a poker table, there's a good chance there's a dart board too. You can bet on lots of things in darts, from full cricket games to first bull's-eye to highest point total on three darts.

    Just be careful; chances are the host has had a lot of time to practice! Lot of people travel outside the country and there they see this sport being taken seriously as careers and people building a lifestyle out of it.

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    Most of our clientele are doctors, lawyers, reporters, bankers, professionals. This kind of crowd is much more informed, highly educated, well travelled. So they understand the sport, they don't look at it as a taboo, hence we've been able to capitalise on that," Rozani points out. According to Rozani's estimates, poker should be making between Rs crore and Rs crore Rs 5 billion to Rs 7 billion a year -- online and in the live space.

    That is when people will start taking poker as a career," Rozani adds.

    Thursday-Night Poker: How to Understand, Enjoy--And Win

    Rozani, who wore many hats, including that of a banker, BPO professional and consultant before launching into his poker dreams, wants to bust myths around the sport. Practice makes perfect. Photograph: Indian Poker Championship. Print this article. Invest in India, Modi tells global biz community. Ayodhya hearing: Muslim parties retract statement. MP: 2 Dalit kids lynched, killer calls it God's will. Won't bow before Delhi 'throne': Pawar on ED action.